Medical Risk Indemnity


RUSA Speciality Risks  is a specialist in medical risks. The firm has access to a large range of medical malpractice insurers, some of whom treasure RUSA Speciality Risks 's ability to assess medical malpractice risks.

RUSA Speciality Risks 's approach to medical malpractice insurance embodies our approach to all insurance. Our products are created with doctors for doctors with a view to managing the complete process of a malpractice claim as quickly and rationally as possible with the least impact achievable on the insured. At RUSA Speciality Risks  our team assesses the true risk of medical activity, rather than the perceived risk of a medical label. Both cardiologists and back specialists undertake some low risk activities, but both specialisms are perceived as high risk in the traditional indemnity markets. If you are a doctor who believes that your malpractice indemnity is too expensive then you need to talk to RUSA Speciality Risks .

RUSA Speciality Risks  can place most medical malpractice risks from individual doctors, surgeons and ancillary staff to entity umbrella covers. The firm's flagship product is Medical Groups Indemnity. This is an entity level cover for groups of doctors who deliver medical services through a company, or other legal entity structure. This product insures all of the procedures and activities undertaken by the business without the requirement for staff to carry their own individual indemnity. The product is priced according to the type and level or activity and not on labels, revenues or numbers of staff.

Medical Groups Indemnity